Master P Reportedly Being Sued For $1 Million by Tragedy Khadafi

The rap game is a cut throat business. This partly explains why The Culture has been watered down so much over the decades. The business side of the rap game collided this summer when Tragedy Khadafi decided to bring a lawsuit against Master P. Khadafi claims to be suing Master P for $1 million. The QueensBridge legend is also suing Ice Cube.

Khadafi used harsh words to describe both Master P and Ice Cube. Peep how he captioned his post, calling both Cube and P “aura snatchers,” “so called men” and “culture vultures.” He then encourages the two business moguls to “stop aura snatchin.” The “aura” specifically in question is in regards to Master P using “intelligent hoodlum” and Ice Cube using “arrest the president.”

#therealintelligenthoodlum #sues @master p for #$1million
As i sed earlier @icecube wasnt the only #aurasnatcher
And a #culturevultures is not necessarily …white people or just a white person
So since master p had decided to put out an album titled intelligenthoodlum i had to sue him as well …for a mill …….and for the record ….i tried on several occasions to reach both of these …so called men before i took such action …on sum g check shyt…b.u.t im a grown man and this is bizness #stopaurasnatchin…”

The following is the lawsuit paperwork served to Master P this summer (July):

The following is the lawsuit paperwork served to Ice Cube last month (November):

As a side note, one should recall the entire reason why Ice Cube and Cypress Hill beefed back in the day was because Cypress Hill accused Ice Cube of jacking some of their material.

Peep Khadafi’s tracks Intelligent Hoodlum and Arrest The President tracks below.