Turns out that when given a choice, people choose to not support Kanye West.

On Saturday at 9am-sharp, West’s latest collaboration with Australian sportswear brand 2XU went on sale.

Many were expected to show up, however no one came.

The brand waited for about 45-minutes before shutting the whole thing down with a representative telling Fairfax Media: “There’s been a change of direction from head office and unfortunately the event has been cancelled.”

Sources on Saturday said West’s recent social media exploits, where he has publicly supported US President Donald Trump, negatively impacted the release of the highly anticipated Yeezy x 2XU Season 6 collection.

This followed a week of West shocking his fans when he implied, during an appearance on TMZ, that the slavery endured by African Americans “sounds like a choice” despite the well-documented history of revolts and resistance.